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Scott made it painless and easy to buy health insurance. He listened to all my questions and concerns and then asked his own questions to make sure he understood. Scott did all of the work to research insurance plans and explain my options to me. All I had to do was tell him what I needed. Scott even gives free presentations to the public about the new health insurance laws, so I know he is considering all the latest information when he helps me. I didn't think it would be possible to find a cheap health insurance plan with good benefits, but after working with Scott, that's what I have. If I ever have a question, calling him is like calling a friend - it's so easy and he's always ready to help. I highly recommend Scott if you are looking for better health insurance.

Josh Dodds

I am pleased to recommend Scott Schroeder, President / Agent of Schroeder & Associates whome we have retained as an agent for Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Jesup, Iowa for our Medical and Benefits for our employees of our company. We have worked with Scott over the years and he has consistently worked hard to provide our company with excellent medical coverage that benefits all of our employees. Scott also has a great ability for communication at a level that anyone can understand. Scott takes time to get to know all of our employees. He stresses to all of the employees not to hesitate to call him at any time if they have any needs at all. Scott has also been very punctual on the material and information that we have asked for. He has always been very professional in all of our meetings that he has presented information at. He responds to our questions very quickly. I have consistently found Scott to be an important resource for our company. We would certainly recommend Scott to any company that is seeking Insurance advice.

Robert W. Venem, General Manager

My husband and I started to carry our house and automobile insurance with Schroeder & Associates in November of 2011. Scott took the time to go over our old policies with us and fully explained what he recommended we change on our new policies without us feeling any pressure. For the first time we feel that we have the right coverage for us and understand the benefits. We found out first-hand how important the right coverage was just a few weeks later, when I was involved in a car accident. Scott has been very helpful throughout the process of handling our claim, not only as our insurance agent, but also as a caring person. He has handled all of my questions promptly and compassionately. He has given me great comfort, support and advice during this process. We look forward to a very long relationship with Schroeder & Associates.

Trent and Wendy Phillips

Iowa Wall Systems has been working with Scott Schroder as an insurance broker for well over ten years. Scott has been a great asset to us, as he fights to get us the best possible deal from the insurance company market. He also is extremely helpful with any questions or concerns our employees have had about coverage and claims. I would recommend Scott to anyone that has the chance to work with him.

Paul Naughton, Office Manager

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